Hi, my name is Pablo.

I’m a graphic and advertising designer and here you’ll see some of my work. I consider design an art-craft, I know that the best ideas are useless if they cannot be transmitted, and under this premise is that I am always looking for the balance between the possibilities of creation and the tools for their realization.

Who I am

As a professional I am the most versatile I know. I consider that it is good to know a little about all the parts involved in the processes, that is why I have always been interested in working together with other professionals, workers, operators, artists, to optimize the final result and learn in the meantime. In this sense, the experience acquired over the years has endowed me with a certain ability to resolve situations that may arise. My experience comes from my work both in a dependency relationship and from my freelance work, with a wide portfolio of clients and services since 2003, and even before, since all my life I was linked, perhaps without knowing it consciously, with this profession.


Graphic and Advertising Designer
2006 - IES Siglo 21


3D Character Designer and Animator
2017 - Centro Kandinsky

Autocad 2D / SketchUp
2017 - Kandinsky Centre

Web Designer
2017 - Kandinsky Centre

Basic Photography
2008 - Prof. Emiliano Zanier

Main informatic tools

3D Studio Max


Graphic Design

With almost 20 years of experience, I can meet needs in any design area.

Web design

Layout of websites, virtual shops, etc., using WordPress as a platform.

Print management

Just order your work, I'll take care of the rest and you'll receive the the final product. (except outside Argentina)



These are just a few of the works I have carried out during my professional career.


Some of the companies and institutions I have the pleasure of working with...